About me


"I just wanted to thank you a million times over for all your help during my very long labor! I seriously couldn't have gotten through it without you and am so grateful that God provided you to me as a doula. You are so amazingly kind, patient and skilled and I hope that you continue to serve other women in this indispensable way"  (Tina)

My Story


My name is Metztli Lopez Torres and I'm a Mexican sobadora, doula, childbirth and lactation educator, anthropologist, feminist, mom, sister, daughter, friend, advocate of women's rights and environmentalist.

My story started with my experience during my first pregnancy while I was living in Mexico. During that time rural women (mujeres del campo) shared their knowledge about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, and newborn care. I learned to use traditional medicine like herbs, massages and food to heal my baby and myself. 

Later on after my B.A., my master's degree and extensive experience working and researching about women's health, pregnancy and working among traditional midwives I found that my true vocation is to provide services during all stages of women's life based on our relationship with our female body. That was the way that Luna Mamá was born in the rain forest of Veracruz in 2012.


My Trainings, Certifications and Education
Certified Fertility Nutritional Advisor

The Health Science Academy

London, UK

Certified Lactation Counselor

UCSD Extension

San Diego, California, USA

Certified Labor Doula

Dona International

San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapas, Mexico

Childbirth Educator/Birth Doula

CAPPA Ecuador

Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Master's Degree in Social Anthropology


Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico