Postpartum Sobada & Belly Binding 

Postpartum Sobada and Belly Binding can be done apart form the Postpartum Ceremony. This is recommended to be done during the first forty days after delivery only because it will have more benefits during this period of time.

This can be done after vaginal delivery o cesarean birth. 

The sobada is a deep massage but very gentle in the abdominal area, there is not manipulation of the uterus during this sobada.

This sobada will promote relaxation and physical healing of the new mother.

Belly binding will help the abdominal muscles to have support and will help to avoid problems of diastases recti. 

How soon ca be done after delivery?

In case of vaginal delivery it is recommended during the first week and repeat every 2 weeks for the first 6 weeks

In case of c-section it is recommended during the second week and repeat every 2 weeks for the first 6 weeks.

Can I have only one Sobada and Belly Binding?

Yes. Only one Sobada & Belly Binding will be extremely beneficial.

It will hurt?

No. Actually it feels really good and relaxing.

Note: Belly binding by itself it is recommended to do right after delivery (vaginal or cesarean). As soon is the better!