Natural Ultrasound for Pregnancy

  • Natural Ultrasound can be done to any pregnant person of 33+ weeks of pregnancy (8 moons)
  • It is a safe way to know the position of your baby (if you are wondering about it) but remember most babies like to spin around! 
  • It avoids the waves of the regular ultrasound -there is a big conversation regarding the safety of regular ultrasounds in pregnancy for the baby-
  • Your partner and or kids can participate painting the belly if the want to
  • We use the technique of Baby Mapping to know the position of the baby. This is hands on the belly with gentle touch to find head, bump, limps of baby.
  • It's a perfect option to have an "ultrasound" or "picture" of your baby if you haven't done any ultrasound.
  • It gives you tools to understand and learn about the position of your baby in your womb so you can continue doing this later on if you want.
  • It can be done at my office, or at your house with your family or during a baby blessing ceremony/ baby shower (ask for prices)

This is a natural, safe, fun, empowering, and family centered way to know the position of your baby in your womb!