Manteada con Rebozo


Benefits of manteada during pregnancy:

  • Relieves lower back pain

  • Releases pinched sciatica nerves

  • Lengths the spine

  • Release internal pelvic muscles

  • Provides grounding and anchoring

  • Relieves stress

  • It feels fantastic! 

For centuries Mexican women have used the rebozo as an extension of our arms.

The rebozo more than a piece of cloth is a symbol of our identity because it is our companion during all our stages of life.

From childhood to elder ages the rebozo is a tool and cloth for our daily activities. 

The manteada is a type of "massage" using the rebozo. This technique was develop by indigenous midwives to aim the comfort of the person and in case of pregnancy to help release muscles tension.

The manteada can be done to children, teens, pregnant people, and elderly folks.

The manteada during pregnancy is done any time because is very safe but it is recommended by traditional midwives to start at week 20 of pregnancy in a low risk - healthy pregnant person and continue once a month or biweekly till delivery