Prices for San Diego

- 1st appointment. Sobada (Including Mayan Abdominal Massage) and consultation $130 (75-80 min session)
-Follow up appointments. Sobada and consultation $80 (45-50 min session)
In-Home* Postpartum Ceremony Therapy $240 (3 hours session, includes full body sobada/massage, herbs for tea and bath, belly binding, bone enclosing with rebozo and soup!)
Postpartum Sobada & Belly Binding $100 (60 min session )  
Lactation Session $60 (1 hour)
Vaginal steaming (bajos) $60 (45 min session of 20 min steaming plus consultation on herbs) This is recommended to do it in private but you can organized a steaming group at your house, call me for more info. 
I'm also open to sliding scale and/or trade. Please write me an email in case you are interested in this information.
* These prices are within 8 miles radius of my address. (70th and El Cajon Blvd) Mileage rate will apply after the 8th mile. This service is available only during the weekends.  


Metztli Doula

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San Diego, California