Prices for San Diego

- 1st appointment. Sobada (Including Abdominal Massage) and consultation $140 (75-80 min session)
-Follow up appointments. Sobada and consultation $80 (45-50 min session)

In-Home* Postpartum Ceremony Therapy $280 (2-3 hours session, includes full body sobada/massage, herbs for tea and bath, belly binding, bone enclosing with rebozo and soup!) Please send me an email for availability  and final cost based on mileage 

Postpartum Sobada & Belly Binding at my office $130 (70 min session )
At your house: $180 
Manteada con Rebozo $80 (1 hour) Please be aware that the full session is 60 min but the manteada is only 30-40min and this is base on the weeks of pregnancy
Natural Ultrasound  at my office $90 (1 hour) This includes baby mapping and drawing. This service can be done at your place if you are planning a ceremony, baby shower, photo shot, etc and the price is $140 
Fire Cup Session $70 (50 min session) The session includes a light sobada in the back and if needed it essential oils based on ailments.  
Vaginal steaming (bajos) $70 (45 min session of 20 min steaming plus consultation on herbs) This is recommended to do it in private but you can organized a steaming group at your house, call me for more info. 
Virtual appointment (via zoom) $50 (50 min) It is required to deposit $25 for virtual consultation. Once the deposit is done I will email you the zoom link. 
Traditional Birth Keeper full service $1,300.00
I offer a special rate if you are a Doula. Please write me an email in case you are interested in this information.
*  Mileage rate will apply (0.85 cents x mile) 


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