Traditional Birth Keeper
(This service is ONLY available for free birth/unassisted birth/ home birth)

I'm going to be in person with you 4-5 times 

Free 20-30 min Virtual Platica 

We will talk about my services and we will see if we match together. This first consultation is free. Send me an email to book this appointment

2 Prenatal Appointments (depends when you hired me)

Most of these appointments will happen at my office. During this visit your will get indigenous traditional bodywork called manteada (massage with rebozo) and pregnancy sobada (to aim the best position for baby).We will cover some information related to food and every time we see each other we will cover info related to your fears. 

One appointment will happen at your place. During this appointment I will teach your partner some comfort techniques and we will go over information about how to prepare for your birth and postpartum. 

Phone & Email Support 

Once that you signed the contract and make the first payment you can be sure that I will be available for any concern, suggestion or knowledge for you 24/7 through cell phone messages and emails. 

During labor 

I will stay with you in the moment that you tell me that you need me, usually is once that you are in active labor, and/or once that your contractions are 3-4 minutes apart and 1 minute duration each (active labor)

During this time I will provide comfort support, I will give you a sobada, and I will make sure to keep your body warm.

During your birth ceremony I will make sure your altar is ready, and I will pray and blessed your and your baby in the traditional way.

Please note that I will be only 10 hours max with you during this time.

Breastfeeding Support

I will provide breastfeeding support any time from pregnancy to your cuarentena (during postpartum only one visit). This could be virtual or in person.

We will talk about breastfeeding during pregnancy but your will receive more hands on support during the postpartum visit. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

The postpartum visit is usually during the first week after your delivery. I will check with you if you have any issue that I can help with, I will show you some relief breast massages in case of congestion and I will belly bind your abdominal area. 

During this visit you will pay the rest of the money for my services.

Community Referrals

One of the fantastic characteristics of hiring a doula and in this case a Birth Keeper is that you will have acceso to a lot of information and other specialist that could help you with specific issues during your pregnancy and postpartum,  I will refer you to professionals in case you need it or ask for it. 

Please note my service doesn't includes Postpartum Ceremony but you will get a reduce price of this service if you hire me as your Birth Keeper 

As Your Birth Keeper, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

I won't perform any medical procedure like taking blood pressure, IV, cervical exams. My job as a Birth Keeper is to provide you with comfort through body work, providing safe suggestions regarding food intake based on Traditional Mexican Medicine, and to create a safe and sacred space during your labor and delivery (spiritual work)

Make decisions for you 

I will give you any information and I will support your decision but I can't make any decision for your or your family. 

It is important to understand that I do believe in your natural capability to have a vaginal birth for the same reason I can't be neutral or impartial about interventions based on my experience.

In the end I will encourage you to listen to your inner voice and make decision not base on fear. This experience is yours and I'm honored to be part of it and I really want you to have the best healing experience 

As Your Birth Keeper, I  will be:

  • Your friend

  • Your advocate

  • Your family member if you need me

  • I will pray for you and your baby