Postpartum Bath Therapy 

I offer a unique and therapeutic Postpartum Ceremony called "Baño post-parto"  that I learned from traditional midwives in my home state Veracruz, Mexico.

This is an ancient therapy that women get during the first forty days after deliver ("la cuarentena") in the south of Mexico. Although there are variations in the steps and herbs used, the Postpartum Ceremony that I'm offering combines the traditional way of the indigenas communities of Mexico with the herbs I have access here in San Diego. 

What does includes:

1. Oil application and aromatherapy (Unción)

2. Massage (Sobada)

3. Vaginal Steaming (Bajo)

4. Herbal bath  (Baño de hierbas)

5. Breast care (Lavada de senos)

6. Belly Binding (Vendada)

7. Bones enclosing (Apretada con rebozo) 

8. Herbal tea to drink during the process 

Optional: I also will bring for you a traditional chicken soup "caldo de pollo" to eat after the bath. This is also an important element in our tradition to recover during post-partum. 

When can I get my first post-partum herbal bath therapy?

In Mexico the first "baño" is done during the first 2-5 days after delivery.

In case that you ended having a cesarean this could be done once that the incision is healed, this is 2-3 weeks after the surgery or once that your have clearance from your medical provider to have a bath.

It is recommended to have this herbal bath during la "cuarentena" but also it could be done during the first 2 years post-delivery. Or any time in your life if you never had it done. 


Yesterday I had a wonderful day but one

The Postpartum Ceremony helps to alleviate and avoid:

  • Pain

  • Stress

  • Tiredness 

  • Swollenness

  • Anxiety 

- Relaxation

- Detoxify 

- Increase of milk production

- Physical healing

- Mental healing

- Renovation

- A sacred space